Data Mapping

Foundation Studies Programme
Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology

3rd - 8th August, 2009 

“Simplicity before understanding is simplistic; simplicity after understanding is simple.” – Edward de Bono

This course introduced Foundation students to forms and processes for mapping and visualising information. Exercises required participants to collect qualitative and quantitative data, which they processed and represented through two-dimensional, three-dimensional and tactile forms, using recognisable signs and symbols. Participants examined relationships between data, concept, form and presentation and leant to draw effective information, navigate through complexity and balance information with refined aesthetic execution. Through a wide range of contemporary and historical examples, we learnt that effective and thought-provoking data mapping advances human knowledge, intellect and understanding.

Exercise 1. Mapping comparative personal data (group & individual)

Exercise 2. Mapping conversation (group & individual) 

Exercise 3. Mapping personal/ world events

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