City, Spaces, People

Foundation Studies Programme
Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology

20th July - 3rd August, 2010 

As artists and designers, what role can we play in ‘shaping’ our cities? 

This course explored concepts of city, spaces, people in engagement with the discourse of development, with Bangalore city in focus. Historical perspectives in development of the concept of a city were examined in relation to the contemporary scenario. Students critically examined different layers and signs of urban identities, considering the relationship between body space, the spaces we inhabit and constructed spaces. They also considered contemporary, historical, political, social and cultural imagery with personal connections, joining objective information and subjective intervention, to understand various human experiences and opinions that make up the dynamics of an urban setting. Through this course, participants were introduced to a variety of media, tools and techniques to observe, understand, interact, document and visualise the city. They were also offered different insights from the perspective of artists, writers, architects and designers.

Adrita Das

Sidharta Guha

Adroit Das

Sushmita Charlu

Prateek Vatash

Prateek Vatash, Sadhna Prasad

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