Stop. Look. Listen 

This project made in collaboration with artist Smriti Mehra highlights a selection of Brent’s green spaces - Barham Park , Fryent Country Park, Gladstone Park, King Edward VII Park, Roundwood Park and Welsh Harp. 

Parks are legitimately public spaces. While everyone has access to them they also serve as sites of deeply personal significance. The project invites people to share these personal perspectives to make visible the varied nature of how they serve us, as well as denoting a commonality of our lived experience. As visitors navigate their way through these green spaces that enrich our bustling, cosmopolitan city, they are confronted with a variety of sign boards. These include signs that elucidate the history of the space, give directions, have maps or simply tell you what’s allowed or disallowed in the space. While restrictions in these spaces might seem prohibitive and at times odd, they are fundamental to the collective responsibility required to protect and conserve these natural habitats. 'Stop. Look. Listen.' emphasises this importance. Signs obscure views and it is through these signs that we reflect on the details and nuances of what they serve to do.

Commissioned by Brent Museum and Archives for the Being Brent initiative. Supported by Arts Council England and the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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