Collage: Artist Books

Foundation Studies Programme 
Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology

10th - 25th October, 2008

This Foundation course allowed students to contextually apply their learning from two previous core courses; ‘Elements and Principles of Art & Design’ and ‘Geometry & Order’. Participants used the medium of collage to visualise and express ideas along the theme ‘conflict’. They drew from history and culture, cutting up elements and constructing image associations that formed linear or non-linear narratives across a number of pages. Participants then presented their collages within an artist book, which required them to consider form, shape, size, craft and texture. Through the medium of collage, students became familiar with a playful process for creating meaning and arranging compositions. They also developed an ability to consider multiple modes of expression – integrating visual, tactile and textual elements into their work.

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