Colour in Communication

Visual Communication Design, Professional Diploma Programme 
Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology

4th - 26th September, 2014 

What role can colour play in effective communication design? 

Through this studio course, students gained a basic understanding of working with colour in communication design. They explored colour fundamentals through guided practical exercises and independent free studies, in which they became sensitised to the properties of colour as well as the psychological effects on the human eye and mind. Assignments encouraged participants to experiment with different colour schemes and examine degrees/ variety of communications achieved. Their learning culminated in a final mini-project, in which they researched colour in a chosen cultural context and created a tourism poster for a country, region or city. By the end of this studio course the participants were able to use colour in an informed manner; to affect and enhance communicative properties in their work. The course followed five thematic stages: 

1. Colour theory and terminology 

2. Visual perception – Colour relativity and interaction 

3. Colour schemes and harmonies – Mood and environment 

4. Colour stories – Culture and communication 

5. Colour systems and print reproduction 

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