Illustration: Print, Screen & Three-Dimensional Space

Visual Communication Design, Professional Diploma Programme Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology

2nd - 31st March, 2015

In a continually evolving design industry, the ability to traverse between diverse applications, platforms and contexts has become increasingly important for the contemporary illustrator. In this studio course, we discussed the present scenario and state of illustration through several key essays and articles. These readings and discussions provided a backdrop for practical exercises, in which illustration was seen as a transferable skill and a way of thinking that can be applied to the wider field of visual communication. The participants applied their skills to print, screen and three-dimensional space and were encouraged to create work with a focus on content, audience, communicative value and independent thinking. The theoretical considerations and practical implications of designing for print, screen and 3D space were also introduced. 


1. Illustration for Print (theory and practice) 

2. Applied Contexts (theory) 

3. Illustration for Screen (theory and practice) 

4. New Platforms and Contexts (theory) 

5. Illustration for Three-Dimensional Space (theory and practice) 


1. Book Jacket Design & Illustration – Text & Image – Short Fiction 

2. Animated Web Banner – Sequential Thinking – Local Organisations & Initiatives 

3. Department Store Window Display – Diorama – Project Ocean

Book jacket for Signs & Symbols - P Sushma

Web banner for Daily Dump - Revati Deychen Bose

Window display for Selfridge’s Project Ocean - Rae Zachariah

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