The Itinerant Illustrator

Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology

Interim Semester, 2014-2015 

On the 18th and 19th December 2014, the 5th International Illustration Research event took place in Bengaluru, India. Hosted by Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, this symposium and the accompanying exhibition focused on the praxis of illustration in an expanded field, including histories of local/ regional illustrative practices and the traversing of diverse media platforms. The exhibition was the first of its kind in India and showcased a range of projects and practices by illustrators from several countries. 

For this Interim Semester project, undergraduate and postgraduate students worked together in interdisciplinary teams that included space designers, product designers, visual communicators, design managers and text editors. Facilitated by Sandeep Ashwath, Alison Byrnes and me, the task was to conceptualise the space design and visual identity for the event as well as put together a cohesive, professional and engaging exhibition of contemporary illustration. The project began with an immersion into the various thematic strands of the symposium. The team then created proposals and work plans for developing the exhibition display style, space layout and improvements, murals, event identity, banners and signage, exhibition brochure, speaker programme, conference kit, pop-up shops, event promotion and documentation. Aside from these mandatory deliverables the students also developed personal projects that responded to the overarching themes of the symposium.

Exhibition brochure

Speaker programme

Constructing bamboo display stands for the exhibition

Space layout and curatorial flow

Palimpsest mural - Kritika Trehan

Crit session for signage, banners and posters

Exhibition display preparation

Arranging and displaying artwork

Banners for the keynote space

Speaker programme

Exhibition brochure

Stickers for the conference kit - Mohavi Mohandas

Conference kits

Welcome speech - Desdemona Mccannon, Anna Bhushan

Keynote speaker - Geeta Wolf, Tara Books

Student shop

The Itinerant Illustrator exhibition

The Itinerant Illustrator exhibition

The Itinerant Illustrator exhibition

The Itinerant Illustrator exhibition

Students: Shuchi N Bellare, Antara Bhargava, Shruti Bhatnagar, Sukanya Bose, Vipasha Chauhan, Pragya Gupta, Thanik Jaganath, Arunima Jain, Priyanka Jain, Rupika Joshi, Harini Kannan, Juhi Kedia, Yash Sanjay Khataokar, Shelton Lobo, Shubhika Dilip Malara, Mohavi Mohandas, Shweta Mulekar, Madhav Nair, Soumya Mittal, Antra, Kaushika Nair, Sachi Patil, Deepa Rodrigues, Gnanaeshwar Srinivas, Natasha Sharma, Tanya Singh, Nimisha Singhal, Kritika Trehan, Aditi Verma, Kristel Marina Viegas, Rae Zachariah

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