Trigger Mechanisms

Professional Diploma Art & Design Programme
Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology

21st - 22nd March, 2012 

What do I do when I get stuck?
How can I get unstuck?
What tools can I use to improve creative and conceptual thinking?
 How can I apply these tools to my discipline and practice?

This two-hour workshop encouraged participants to develop processes for creative and conceptual thinking. Using Nicholas Roukes’ ‘Synectic Trigger Mechanisms’ as a guide, participants created a range of ideas and approaches to image-making through rigorous and rapid iteration.

1. Add 2. Combine 3. Transfer 4. Symbolise 5. Empathise 6. Parody 7. Scale 8. Fragment 9. Distort 10. Subtract

Changing the trigger mechanisms every few minutes provided students with a range of perspectives or lenses; through which to think, fantasise, produce ideas, relate, rearrange and reconstruct their visual concepts.

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