Blogging and Reflective Practice

Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology
Postgraduate Advanced Diploma Programme

Semester One & Two, 2012-2013

Postgraduate design students develop the use of blogs as an online reflective tool. The blog enables each student to organise, document, reflect, develop and communicate the various theoretical, technical and practical aspects of their work. 

Making time to record and reflect on a regular basis is seen as an important process for making sense of learning. The skills developed during this module enhance student understanding of their developing practice and provide a vital transferable skill for continued reflexive development. 

The blog is set up at the beginning of the programme and provides evidence of each student’s practice as it evolves. Students are asked to make at least one reflective entry on their blog each week and feedback is offered by tutors and ADP community. As a written and visual record of each student’s journey, the blog forms the basis of the final reflective document and presentation.

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