Collage and Cyanotype

British Library

21st September, 2019

This collage and cyanotype printing workshop for BL Qatar Project staff was facilitated by me and members of the British Library imaging team. Using examples from the British Library archive, this workshop explored the vernacular of the cyanotype technique and connected it to the history of invention, photography, image reproduction and information distribution. We printed digital negatives on acetate sheets using visual material from the British Library collection, which included historical photographs, illustrations, maps, diagrams, typography, patterns and textures. Participants cut up this material to create collages that were then placed on top of paper coated with light-sensitive chemicals and exposed in sunlight.

A selection of prints from this workshop will be used on posters to promote the 3rd British Library Hack Day.

Images: Matt Lee, Louis Allday, Renata Kaminska, Noemi Ortega-Raventos

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