Drishya Summer Camp

Drishya is an education movement that seeks to empower poor children from slums and urban poor communities in Bengaluru. Every summer they conduct a series of month-long workshops in partnership with Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. In June 2008, Raghu Rao, Roshan Sahi and I conducted a drawing and printmaking workshop with fifteen Drishya students, aged 9-14. The workshop took nature and the environment as the thematic base for exercises that focused on observational drawing, mark-making and medium. These activities encouraged the children to observe, connect, express and respond to their local natural environment. Social comment and narrative illustration were also explored in this context. 

The drawings created during the morning exercises were transferred and applied to various print techniques during each afternoon session. A selection of images from these sessions were curated and silkscreen printed for the 2009 Drishya calendar. The funds raised from the sale of the calendars benefited the children directly. 

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