Media Exploration

Foundation Studies Programme
Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology

What are the advantages and limitations of various mediums? How many ways can they be used or mixed? 

The exercises in this week-long Foundation course encouraged students to express through medium and to experiment mixing media with confidence, without rules or restrictions. To develop an understanding of the properties of a variety of media the participants used orthodox and unorthodox materials, tools, techniques, approaches and processes. To contextualise each exercise and to gain insights into various creative processes, the working methodologies of a range of artists and art movements were also analysed.

Exercise 1. Expressing character and feeling through mark-making

Exercise 2. Exploring advantages and limitations of media (still life)

Exercise 3. Layering and mixing media (self-portrait)

Exercise 4. Conveying light through colour (landscape)

Exercise 5. Comparing how different mediums enhance or change a visual message

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