Text & Image

Foundation Studies Programme
Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology

If you cannot read the text can you still understand the message? 

This course introduced Foundation students to the symbiotic relationships between text and image. Exercises explored text as image, how images are read and how words and pictures combine, complement, interact and interplay, both conceptually and visually, through a variety of media and contexts. Participants also examined factors that affect and enhance the image and text relationship; considering legibility, layout, hierarchy, scale, balance, colour, medium, form and content. A combination of research sessions, critical readings and presentations informed students of related perspectives in design, illustration, literary criticism, semiotics and culture. 

Text in motion - Sindhi Thirumalaisamy

Text in motion - Ishaan Bharat

Text as image - Sadhvi Jawa

Paan recipe - Ishaan Bharat

Kabir doha - Rucha Dhayarkar

Kabir doha - Natasha Mehra

Aastha Mittal

Text in context - Ishaan Bharat

Text in context - Richa, Kavya Jha

Shilo Shiv Sulman

Aastha Mittal

Book jacket - Pearl D’Souza

Time - Svabhu Kohli

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